Benelli motorcycle Scramble

Benelli motorcycle Scramble
All-New Leoncino prepared Benelli motorcycle Scramble provocation comes in all dimensions.

After the previous camp Benelli unveiled at the All-New Leoncino motorcycle line Scramble is expected that the event will be a show EICMA Show in Milan, Italy, in November last.
Which is a pity, because the All-New Leoncino not to participate in the colorful event. But today, the Benelli unveiled preparing to launch All-New Leoncino then.

Upcoming Motorcycle websites from Benelli.

Benelli motorcycle Scramble 1
Benelli motorcycle Scramble 20

Most recently, the main site of Benelli is has updated the latest news of the motorcycle Scramble this page via the “Upcoming Motorcycle” , which means that the All-New Leoncino preparing to launch a version of the distribution (Global Model). well soon you

Benelli motorcycle Scramble 2
Benelli motorcycle Scramble 21

Benelli All-New Leoncino design modern classic.

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Benelli motorcycle Scramble 22

For Benelli All-New Leoncino with design style Scramble to aggressive provocative angle. Combined with the design of a modern classic. Comes the innovative technology. On the front, with round headlights.

Benelli motorcycle Scramble 5
Benelli motorcycle Scramble 23

And turn signal stalk filing LED control steering through hands-bar. That comes Speedometer digital futuristic design. Rounded tank mounted on the trusses. Seat at the same elevation pillion. Culminating with a tail light LED with a short rear fender.

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Benelli motorcycle Scramble 24

Benelli All-New Leoncino

The dimensions of Benelli All-New Leoncino the length is 2100 mm. Width 800 mm. And 1160 mm.
The seat height is 815 mm., Which provides control with confidence.

While the weight of the car is 170 kg, which is the weight for mobility. And control easily The fuel tank capacity is 15 liters, which can be called off trips easily. Carefree as ever

The rear suspension system of Benelli All-New Leoncino.

The suspension system of Benelli All-New Leoncino with front suspension Upside Down and Rear Mono Shock with horizontal arm.

Benelli motorcycle Scramble 7
Benelli motorcycle Scramble 25

The front brakes are dual disc 320 mm. The wheel spokes are mounted on 19-inch rubber band with motocross size 110/80 R19 and rear disc brakes Single 260 mm.

Spokes on a wheel. wire harness with 17-inch tires size 150/70 R17 Motocross comes with ABS and front – back.

2-cylinder engine 499.6 cc. The maximum power 47 horsepower.

For the power of the Benelli All-New Leoncino comes with a 2-cylinder with 499.6 cc. DOHC 8 valves size Bore x Stroke is 69.0 x 66.8 mm. The compression of 11.5: 1 is cooled by water. The fuel injection system.

Transmission 6-speed transmission through a peak power of 47 bhp at 8,500 rev / min and maximum torque of 45 Newton – meters at 4500 rev / min, which meets Euro 4 already.

Benelli All-New Leoncino prepared paint early 2017.

The forecast expects Benelli All-New Leoncino will be sent to draw patterns in early 2017 because the disclosure was officially completed.

The price would have to wait a bit longer. Which flows out the chocolate market ever. For persons who are biker style chairperson car Scramble thatBenelli All-New Leoncino is another option that can be difficult to deny

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