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Aston Martin AMB 001


Aston Martin surprised with the production plan of AMB 001 superbike when combined with another famous British name, Brough Superior. AMB 001 is a limited edition and typical style of James Bond.

With a good higher end, this $ 120,000 simple machine vehicle is that the best that nation bike business should supply.

Future design

Not solely is it related to luxury cars and supercars, Aston Martin currently encroaches on yachts, bicycles, motorcycles, clothing, property, airplanes, even submarines.

Inspired by the Aston Martin supercar with a mid-engine, the design team created a two-wheel racing bike that couldn’t be more stylish. It’s not an exaggeration to say you’ve never seen something like it on a track.

The design is somewhat futuristic, with an unmistakable Aston Martin signature. Powering the AMB 001 is the Brough Superior engine that was once famous for its expensive motorcycles.

The body is rounded, extremely beautiful with carbon fiber detailing along the body of the Aston Martin car style.

AMB 001 uses ultra-light stainless steel material like the Valkyrie supercar

Use supercar material

AMB 001 uses 9 micron ultra-light stainless steel wings taken from the Valkyrie supercar. This steel wing is located just below the body paint at the nose and the fuel tank, greatly improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The Aston Martin logo in the shape of a laser cut wing is taken from the AMR supercar line

Aston Martin superbike is also equipped with rim, fork and matte black brake calipers. The driver sits on the edge of the saddle made of hand-stitched leather, similar to the luxurious interior materials.

The engine cowl is formed from region aluminium. pipe made up of alloy, an excellent alloy with heat-resistant and very sturdy properties.

Part of the most structure is formed of carbon fiber, that helps to considerably cut back vehicle weight, increase sturdiness and performance.

Aston Martin equips AMB 001 with 997 cc V-twin turbocharged engine with a hundred and eighty H.P.. With a weight of 176 metric weight unit, the strength – weight of the auto is one. this can be a particularly spectacular quantitative relation due to the body fabricated from carbon fiber, aluminium and aluminium billet.

The AMB 001’s turbocharged engine is fitted with a low inertial turbine that blows through the intermediate cooler to help eliminate turbocharging delays. The liquid-cooled engine block is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, APTC clutch, Morse coupling, maximizing reliability and stable operation. Brough Superior’s role is maximized in creating absolute harmony and balance.

The V-twin engine is firmly attached to the frame cut by a CNC machine, similar to the rear gripper. The rear subframe is a carbon fiber structure. This material is also used for the Fior dual front forks.

The suspension separates the steering and braking functions, preventing the vehicle from getting bent when braking. The braking system was developed by racing experts so that the driver uses the least force but still achieves optimum braking efficiency.

Limited to 100 pieces

AMB 001 is limited edition with only 100 units. Vehicles are manufactured and assembled manually at Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. Each one costs up to US $ 120,000. The first batch of cars will reach customers by the end of 2020.

AMB 001 has the DNA of million-dollar Valkyrie and Aston Martin’s other famous super cars.

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